Elinor is the main protagonist of Undying Empire, which takes place in The Oscillation universe. She was changed into a Mythickin Lich Empress during The Oscillation Event.

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(As of B1 — 26. Rival Sisters)

Racial/Kind Skills: Edit

  • Imperial Presence: Makes her act more dignified and regal while also implanting that mental image in weak-willed creatures around her.
  • Life Tap: Corrupts Life Energy into a usable form for Elinor to use.
  • Lesser Corpse Detection: Allows Elinor to detect bodies within a short range.
  • Raise Skeleton: Ignites fire at her hands; the embers can bring create the undead.
  • Emotional Loss: Does NOT get rid of all emotion, but dulls Joy, Trust, Fear, and Sadness, while leaving Anticipation, Anger, Disgust, and Surprise alone. This creates an imbalance in her emotions, but Imperial Presence also affects her behaviors, causing her unfiltered emotions to burn below the surface of her cool appearance.

Elinor's Currently Known Skills: Edit

  • Monarch of Death (Cluster Skill): The physical manifestation of her authority as the crown and veil (comprised of the Death Element) atop her head. The following are skills a part of this cluster (meaning they do not work if this main branch is not active).
    • Lesser Aura of Supremacy (Connects to Imperial Presence): Releases from her crown. Casts Horrify on others, if Horrify fails, casts Fear.
    • Lesser Minion Mastery: Provides buffs to her minions within a certain range.
    • Prose of the Potentate: Allows her to talk any language her minion knew in life (if her minion was an idiot, then her speech vocabulary and flow to the recipient would not be translated well). It also work with animals.
    • Call of the Empress: Week cooldown, releases a burst of Death Energy that resurrects everything available in range at a base cost and set period of time. It bypasses any limit cap on how many minions she can summon and are all unintelligent.

Other Skills: Edit

  • Lesser Possession: Allows Elinor to take physical control over one of her unintelligent minions within a certain range.
  • Herald of the Empress: Advanced form of Lesser Corpse Detecton (absorbed into the skill). Allows Elinor to scan the area around herself for possible minions and gives her a rough estimate of their potential. A ranged means she can use to raise the dead.

Weaknesses Edit

Life Energy Edit

She requires Life Energy to fuel her powers and her Minions. Without it she would be trapped into her earrings without being able to manifest a body to move.

Also Raw Life Energy is deadly to Elinor. If she comes in contacted with it it will disintegrate her Death Energy Artificial Body construct, and if her earrings are subjected for long period into it, it’ll begin to purify her energy until she is out, then it would crack the diamonds, thus killing her.

She has to use Life Tap and similar abilities to gather and convert Pure Life Energy, by corrupting and absorbing the energy into herself, but once that Life Energy has been converted into an aggressive form, she can no longer transform it through normal means.[1]

Minions Edit

Transcendent Grade Units: Rank 9 Edit

Tiffany, the Grand Ritualist Edit

The Royal Steward that holds the Royal Title of the Grand Ritualist, and the acting commander over all Witchery related Classes. She was formed from the body and spirit of Elinor deceased mother.

She is in charge of the Dark Arts of the Empire; it is her duty to advise Elinor on ritualistic options to advance her aims. The title gave her the understanding to analyze and comprehend the intricate components of materials and a wealth of early to mid-grade rituals. She is of the Witchery Class and a third-rank Subclass Hexer, which allowed her to branch into offensive magical forces.[2]

Edmon, the Gatekeeper Edit

The Royal Steward that holds the Royal Title of the Gatekeeper, and the acting commander over all Elite Defender Classes, as well as the Empress' Personal Guard. He was formed from the body and spirit of Elinor deceased father.

He is in charge of Elinor’s safety; the title gives him defensive bonuses, control over all units during assault, and as a third-rank with the Doom Guard Subclass, in the Elite Defender Class, he held certain perks, in addition to whatever skill path he chose to follow in order to protect Elinor.[2]

Iris, the Executioner Edit

The Royal Steward that holds the Royal Title of the Executioner, and the acting commander over all Assassin Classes. She was formed from the body and spirit of a Thélméthra's Queen.

She is from the Assassin Class Transcendent Unit General, and has the Sub-Class of Shifter.[3]

Mythic Grade Units<u>: Rank 8 (General Class)</u> Edit

Violet Edit

An Assassin Class, Thélméthra. Formed from the corpse of Iris's youngest daughter. While she is a high Mythic-Grade, she is bordering on becoming a Transcendent.[3]

Legendary-Grade Units<u>: Rank 7 (General Class)</u> Edit

Azalea Edit

An Assassin Class, Thélméthra. Formed from the corpse of Iris's middle daughter.[3]

Epic-Grade Units<u>: Rank 6 (Commander Class)</u> Edit

Camellia Edit

An Elite Warrior Class, Thélméthra, with the Sub-Class of Juggernaut. Formed from the corpse of Iris's eldest daughter.[3]

Heroic Grade Units<u>:</u> Edit

Rare Grade Units Edit

Uncommon Grade Units<u>: Rank 2 (Foot Soldiers)</u> Edit

Quin Edit

A Mount Class, Skeletal Steed.[2] Formed from the corpse of a Quen’Talrat Elite Hunter.[4] Allows Elinor to speak both Quen'Talrat and Yaltha'ma.

Garu Edit

An Elite Warrior Class Skeletal.[5] Formed from the corpse of a Ri’bot. Allows Elinor to speak Ri'bot.

Common Grade Units<u>: Rank 1 (Fodder)</u> Edit

  • x17 Normal Quen'Talrat; Skeleton Type.
  • x4 Thélméthra Drone.

Poor Grade Units Edit

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Edmon (Father) Edit

Iris Edit

Quin Edit

Garu Edit

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Tanner Edit

Katie Edit

Elinor befriended her in fourth grade. She was the first person who Elinor showed her tattoos. Currently their friendship is breaking because Katie does not find her cool anymore due to Elinor being a goth and quitting gymnastics and cheerleading. She also doesn’t like Elinor tattoos.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her Emotional Loss Ability was inspired by Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions.[6]
  • As an undead, Elinor is not capably of sleeping and dreaming. The closes thing to sleeping she may have is the possibility of time-lapses when there is a temporary loss of power. However even if that happens she still would not be able to dream.[7]
  • In her genetic code, she has the French, Italian, Greek, Scottish, Spanish, Native American, and slight African bloodlines.[3]

References Edit

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