Fiona White is one of the main characters of The Oscillation. She was changed into a Mythickin Prismatic Fairy during The Oscillation Event.

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Physical Changes: Fiona’s appearance changes dramatically based on the magic she uses. As a Prismatic Fairy, her colors hold many shades with the magic she uses.

  • Size: Fiona shrunk to three inches tall; she’s also lost a lot of muscle and fat mass (she became an AA cup). Her legs also seemed to have gotten a bit longer from her human state.
  • Prismatic Eyes: Her eyes will mix with the colors of the magic she’s currently using and if no magic is being produced then they turn back to white, framed by a faint black pupil.
  • Pointed Ears: Like many Fairies in fiction, her ears are pointed.
  • Prismatic Luminance: Anything keratin based changes color to represent what kind of magic she’s currently using (hair and nails). If no magic is being used then it turns pure white. Her large eyes also change color to represent the type of magic she uses.
  • Fairy Biology: Fiona’s life force seems to be connected to the amount of energy she has; she began to dim and collapsed when her energy ran low before eating sugar. Whatever type of energy this is is unknown.
  • Disaccharides Conversion: Fiona’s only current source of sustenance seems to be table sugar, but that could translate to other similar sugars; it is unsure what happens to her if she ingests different types of sugar, but currently, refined table sugar seems to make her kind of aggressive and jumpy.

Fairy Wings: Fiona has a mix between moth and fairy type wings made of pure energy that appear when she desires them. They are not physically attached to her back but does connect. She does not have to beat them to move, but if she does then she can move extremely quickly as shown in the shower. The wings also change color based on the magic she’s using and is otherwise white.

Stats: Edit

(As of B2 — 14. The System Sheet)

  • Force
    • Power: Extremely High
    • Strength: Extremely Low
  • Defense
    • Toughness: Extremely Low
    • Resilience: Extremely Low
  • Dexterity
    • Speed: High
    • Agility: High
    • Quickness: High
  • Energy
    • Constitution: Average
    • Stamina: Above Average
    • Endurance: Above Average
  • Tenacity
    • Elemental Resistances: Extremely High
    • Physical Resistances: Extremely Low
    • Control Resistances: Average
    • Penetration: Above Average

Type Abilities: Edit

  • True Sight: Passive, Level Two, Novice, Rank Two; just the standard anti-illusion stuff.

States: Edit

  • Warpath: Reactive, Level Five, Novice, Rank Six; is an Enrage State that has some powerful buffs and debuffs:
    • All spells double in power (this doesn’t mean the base spell, meaning this stacks with other buffs Fiona might get).
    • Cost of all spells are increased by fifty percent.
    • Energy will be continually drained until the target is dead or the host has died. This is a scary one, but this doesn’t mean that Fiona can’t eat sugar to buy herself time.

Base Prismatic Fairy Tree Skills: Edit

  • Base Hearing: Passive, Level Two, Novice Grade, Rank Five; Fiona seems to have better hearing than Maria, but that might be because she was constantly trying to listen to Terrell’s gang when she was caught.
  • Base Vision: Passive, Level Four, Novice, Rank Four; this includes the standard night vision. Fiona seems to have pretty decent eyes that can catch things further away.
  • Base Smell: Passive, Level One, Novice, Rank Two; same as Maria, they can smell new things that they haven’t experienced as humans, but only slightly.
  • Zoolingualism: Passive, Level Three, Novice, Rank Two; is an ability that allows Fiona to communicate with animals. It translates the expression of both parties; even if the creature can only show base instinctual emotions, then it will express it in words that can be understood by both parties. It may be a simple conversation or a complicated one, depending on the creature.

Prismatic Racials: Edit

  • Disaccharides (Sugar) Pool: Passive, Level Eight, Rookie, Rank Two; Fiona’s energy source seems to function off this skill. It won’t tell its harmful properties, but its known she’ll get the Addled Debuff if she eats too much sugar, and it’s clear that Maria can’t dispel or detect it as of yet. Perhaps there are smaller degrees of detection that she can level, such as the Addled Debuff and Scarlet’s Corrupted Debuff.
    • Life Link: Passive Link Skill; is similar to Maria’s Life Link, and Rachel assumes related to Relica’s; she dies if her Sugar Pool reaches zero.[
      • Unlike Maria, Fiona can bleed, and it’s blue. Its not known if she can die from bleeding out, but she can bleed.
      • Fiona might be immortal in the sense that she can’t age anymore, though.
  • Well Fed: Buff Effect; is an effect that Fiona tested out; if she goes beyond a hundred percent of her Sugar Pool, then she can get this buff that increases her magical output by ten percent.
    • It is speculated that if she continued to eat sugar, then at some point, the Well Fed Buff would be converted to the Addled Debuff, making her basically drunk. It could also be connected to the type of sugar she eats, too.
  • Prismatic Lumination: Not necessarily a skill or ability, but her wings, hair, nails, and eyes change color depending on the type of magic she’s using. It seemed like more of a Prismatic thing.
  • Plight of the Whimsical: Passive, Level One, Novice, Rank Four; is more of a negative that really hit home for Fiona; this skill basically makes it easier for her moods to swing. It’s likely very similar to Rachel Lunar Pride Racial.
  • Fairy Wings: Active, Level Six, Rookie, Rank One; oddly enough aren’t a part of her actual body.  Her wings are more energy-based but are required for her to fly. They’ve recently gained a Proficiency Skill that acts as a Cluster Set, as well, proving that Proficiency Skills can be more than just simple once and done skills. An annoying thing for her is that Fairy Dust is a Passive… she’s a dust generator; at least her dust vanishes if not sealed.
    • Second Wind: Reactive Proficiency Skill; allows Fiona a parachute type of fail-safe. If she is falling at a threatening speed, then her wings will activate before striking a solid object. It sounds like the system has some kind of foresight because how else would it know she was in danger… of course, Relica did say something about seeing the future (a lot of help that did her).u
      • Note that it does have an hour cooldown.
  • Fairy Dust: Reactive Chain Skill Lv. 2, Level One, Novice, Rank Zero; is produced by Fiona’s wings (if she doesn’t want to spread dust, then she needs to keep her wings deactivated, but she really loves flying). There are eight branches of dust that can influence those around her, and she must produce one when activating her wings:
    • Red Dust:
      • Dark: Rage
      • Normal: Anger
      • Light: Annoyance
    • Orange Dust:
      • Dark: Vigilance
      • Normal: Anticipation
      • Light: Interest
    • Yellow Dust:
      • Dark: Ecstasy
      • Normal: Joy
      • Light: Serenity
    • Lime Green Dust:
      • Dark: Admiration
      • Normal: Trust
      • Light: Acceptance
    • Emerald Green Dust:
      • Dark: Terror
      • Normal: Fear
      • Light: Apprehension
    • Cyan Blue Dust:
      • Dark: Amazement
      • Normal: Surprise
      • Light: Distraction
    • Sapphire Blue Dust:
      • Dark: Grief
      • Normal: Sadness
      • Light: Pensiveness
    • Purple Dust:
      • Dark: Loathing
      • Normal: Disgust
      • Light: Boredom
        • Notes:
          • Each of these dusts are dispersed into the air when she flaps her wings but is still spread by being out, just in a much smaller radius.
          • Fiona’s mood can also change the type of dust produced without her realizing it, which could be a problem. If she gets angry, then she’ll create dust that makes it so others are more easily agitated, and the situation could continue to spiral. Thankfully, her level and rank are low enough where it doesn’t have much of an effect… yet.
          • She might gain more control over it if she sinks more levels into it, or it could go completely out of control. Currently, it seems like it only causes a very minor effect on those around her.
          • Each branch has multiple shades of the color within them that cause different effects.
          • The dust slowly vanishes as it’s dispersed into the air, but it does not if the dust is sealed into a container, like a jar. It could be useful in certain situations if made more potent. Perhaps throwing a jar full into someone’s face would have stronger results.
          • Once the jar is opened, the dust will begin to dissolve into the air (Fiona had to stay in the jar for several minutes before there was enough to seal it).
          • Fiona’s kind of annoyed right now that people can tell her mood by the color of dust her wings produce… it’s light orange.

Wind Magic Branch: is the first branch Fiona unlocked. It gives her a green glow whenever used.

  • Wind Shield: Active, Level Five, Novice, Rank Ten; helped protect Fiona against all sorts of problems, from environmental (like a shower and ocean) to smashing her tiny body into things (like her shower head).
    • It drains Fiona’s Sugar Pool by the force it repels, meaning it compensates for the defense needed.
    • She can place this shield on others or herself, but it seems that when placed on others, the energy cost of repelling objects increases by twenty-five percent.
  • Wind Prison: Active, Level Two, Novice, Rank One; is a pretty interesting spell that locks a target in a cyclone of wind. Apparently, if you toss something in, it’ll get spun super fast and bounce around the inside, while repelling anything trying to get out.
  • Wind Wall: Active, Level Four, Novice, Rank Six; operates in a similar manner to Wind Shield in that it requires an active amount of energy to repel an object; however, it appears to have a threshold to that defense as a charged light arrow was able to penetrate it. A reason for that could be from the Elf-woman’s Penetration Stat, though. The Cat-girl was able to penetrate Fiona’s Wind Wall, as well, which might add more weight to the penetration argument.
  • Levitation: Active, Level Three, Novice, Rank Three; is a floating skill that makes Fiona’s desired target float. It seems related to weight, increasing its cost based on the amount lifted and at what speed.

Fire Magic Branch: Fiona’s second branch (if you count Hot Air in the Fire Branch since it is between Wind and Fire) that makes her glow red. 

  • Inferno: Active, Level Five, Novice, Rank Seven; is the base fireball spell that Fiona has been using. It summons a globe of fire that she can fuel energy into. It seems to have a cap to how big it can get; the time she made it grow to the size of a bonfire seems to be the cap (when she was threatening the smoke guy).
    • Conflagration: Active Chain Charging Skill Lv. 2, Level Three, Novice, Rank One; is the monstrous sun-like sphere that she created. It’s a Channeling Skill, meaning that the longer she charges it, the stronger it gets, and it doesn’t cost anything more to channel it to its maximum, but costs the same high price if you let it go after a second or its maximum charge of fifteen seconds.

Water Magic Branch: is the third branch opened to Fiona; apparently, she used it to scare her cat off the table. This makes her glow dark blue.

  • Water Ball: Active, Level Three, Novice, Rank Six; conjures a globe of water that she can throw. This seems to be the counterpart to Inferno and can be increased to a large sphere if she dumps more energy into it.
  • Water Prison: Active, Level Two, Novice, Rank Two; forms a globe of water around a target and traps them in a cyclone within, and if they can’t breathe underwater, then they’ll drown because there’s no air inside.

Ice Magic Branch: is the fourth branch opened to Fiona, and makes her glow light blue.

  • Ice Shard: Active, Level Five, Novice, Rank Zero; seems to be a prerequisite to obtaining Ice Spear. It’s a weaker version of the same spell. She likely moved past this spell to Ice Spear to have the penetration power to break past Marcus’ shield.
  • Ice Spear: Active Chain Skill Lv. 2, Level Four, Novice, Rank Eight; appears to function similarly to Water Ball and Inferno with adding more energy to it increases its size and penetrating capability. It has a high penetration ability.
    • When boosted by Warpath, it seems it turns more into an Ice Lance than an Ice Spear.
    • It also gives the same effect as a Level Two Frost spell.
  • Frost: Active Charging Skill, Level Five, Novice, Rank Three; is the ability to chill objects. She used this against the Slime to keep him in place.
  • Freeze: Active Chain Charging Skill Lv. 2, Level Two, Novice, Rank Four; is the spell used to freeze objects solid. (Fiona feels really bad about not realizing that if she freezes people in water that it will expand and cause millions of tears in a person’s body.)

Earth Magic Branch: is the fifth branch unlocked by Fiona, and turns her aura a light brown.

  • Earth Displacement: Active Charging Spell, Level Two, Novice Rank Four; does as it implies, and can be used with her own conjured earth or normal dirt, but doesn’t work with metal. Although, she can use the dirt to move metal, it seems to take more energy since it’s based on weight.
  • Earth Shield: Active Charging Spell, Level Three, Novice, Rank Six; is a shield of earth that surrounds people Fiona wishes to shield. There’s no air inside, so she must use Earth Displacement to create breathing holes. She used it as an earth prison, but it seems like Earth Shield and Prison differ in how strong each side is. The strength is hardest on the inside with Prison and hardest on the outside with shield.
    • She apparently thought about Earth Prison but didn’t desire it, instead opting to use shield in the circumstance; this furthers the idea that it’s based on our desires, not what we think might be good for a situation.

Lightning Magic Branch: is the sixth branch Fiona used, and turns her aura yellow.

  • Shock: Active Charging Spell, Level Three, Novice, Rank Two; is the base electric attack Fiona has. Similar to her other spells, it increases its power based on the energy given but does have a cap.

Link Magic Branches: Not officially a Branch, but it seems some skills occupy multiple Branches, like dividing down the center.

  • Hot Air: Active Charging Skill, Level One, Novice, Rank Two; expels a jet of hot air. The temperature can be increased based on the energy used and mixes her Wind and Fire colors.

Total Skill Points Used: 85

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  • Nora (Younger Sister)

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  • Her surname was revealed in B2 — 7. Royal Flush.

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