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The Lethix Clan are a tribe Ri'bot living in the valley on the westside of the Flaming River, southeast of the Wixum Clan and north of the Flex Clan. They are known as the smaller brother of the Flex Clan, having a longstanding bond while keeping their independent autonomy. That being said, the Flex Clan is stronger, but the Lethix has more metalworking Craftsmen, which gives them a better weapon advantage.

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The Lethix have brown skin, gray tongues, and generally two teeth, like most Ri'bot.

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Like most Ri'bot in the valley, the Lethix have a strong reverence to their ancestors and historical customs passed down from generation to generation. The Clan has been on the decline for some time, losing the benefit of having a Speaker for two-generations, and no Mystic, but they have tried to counter this with honing their physical strength.

The lower percentage of female Ri'bot born has created a tension in the clan and given rise to a restless male population. However, from generations past, great respect is given to the freedom of choice for female and male Ri'bot to choose their respective partners, yet Chief Utren fears he may need to change some of that if negotiations with the Wixum and Delthax Clans fall apart this year.

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Chief Utren: Chief of the clan.  Blue eyes.  Has a son named Henric. He's less warring than his father, but not afraid of conflict; he is seeking a more diplomatic solution for his clan to move forward, but ready for a war that he fears might be unavoidable.

Dren: Utren’s father, an Elder Chief. He used to be a bit of a warlord, and went to battle with the Delthax and Wixum within his time as Chief.

Welix: A Xaria of the clan, and their strongest warrior.  Chief’s brother.

Henric:  Son of the Chief, a year old, and already showing incredible promise as a warrior with many potential suitors.

Yeppa: Warrior that bent the knee to Elinor, and is now a devout believer.

Norim: Battle-hardened warrior that is middle-aged.

Inora: Young female warrior that’s an Initiate, seeking acceptance into higher ranks.  Light blue eyes.

Jaliv: Wet-Blood, or a newly fully-ranked warrior that likes Utila.

Utila: Prettiest Ri’bot in the clan, likes a Craftsman, most the males like her, but she’s not interested.  She has light-blue eyes and a slim but tight muscular body with three teeth on her left side with two on her right.  Nearing two years old.

Gomal: Utila’s crush.  She and he like each other and have been close since they were four months old.  Nearing two years old.  He’s a craftsman.

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Flex Clan: Edit

The Lethix and Flex are very close to one another; they actively trade and share information. However, they are both very proud of their clan lineage, and will first protect their lands with their own power before asking for aid from each other.

Wixum Clan: Edit

The Lethix believe the Wixum Clan is a weak excuse for a clan that relies heavily on the influence of the Delthax Clan to offer military support. They have an excess of female Ri'bot, which also heightens the tension between the two as the younger generation feels trapped with their much lower population of potential partners. Added with the rich resources found in the Wixum's lake, and the friction between the two neighboring clans is always high.

Delthax Clan: Edit

As one of the stronger military forces in the valley, the Delthax have garnered a lot of influence since their days in the Fire Wars, added with Valdar's reputation during the event. Relations between the two clans had been strained before the wars and misfortunes that had befallen the Lethix.

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