Maria Camila Espinar is one of the main characters of The Oscillation. She was changed into a Mythickin Sunlit Unicorn during The Oscillation Event.

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Before The Oscillation: Edit

After The Oscillation: Edit

Before she was changed, she ran a block Mexican Gang in Miami. She cannot lie and can detect lies; she's always real about who she is and what she's feeling. She may be an embodiment of Purity, but that doesn't mean good. She's purely herself, but The Oscillation has had an affect on her personality; her rough edges have been smoothed out a bit, but she isn't shy about voicing or acting out if you do something she doesn't like. She is still a gangster after all. 

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Powers and Abilities Edit

(As of B2 — 14. The System Sheet)

Stats: Edit

  • Force
    • Power: Below Average
    • Strength: Below Average
  • Defense
    • Toughness: Below Average
    • Resilience: Below Average
  • Dexterity
    • Speed: High
    • Agility: Average
    • Quickness: Below Average
  • Energy
    • Constitution: High
    • Stamina: Very High
    • Endurance: Very High
  • Tenacity
    • Elemental Resistances: Average, excluding Lunar Resistance that is Below Average
    • Physical Resistances: Average
    • Control Resistances: Very High
    • Penetration: Above Average

Achievements: Edit

  • Light in the Darkness: Maria says that this was granted after healing a lot of people, but it seems the direct correlation was the use of the Miracles of the Immaculate Branch. Providing hope in such a manner that it literally changes their entire view on life.

Type Abilities: Edit

  • True Sight: Passive, Level Four, Novice, Rank Five; for some reason Maria’s is higher than Rachel. It might have something to do with her Truth based abilities.

Base Sunlit Unicorn Tree Skills: Edit

  • Base Hearing: Passive, Level Two, Novice Grade, Rank Three; is nowhere near Rachel level of hearing, but she seems to have points added into it, and she can hear better than a human.
  • Base Vision: Passive, Level Three, Novice, Rank One; is fairly average across Mythickin, being able to see in the dark. However, she does not have the wide field of vision that Rachel has. It does appear to be a bit wider than normal humans, though.
  • Base Smell: Passive, Level One, Novice, Rank Two; is even lower than Rachel. She can certainly smell a lot more than humans, but her sense of smell isn’t anywhere near Rachel.

Sunlit Racials: Edit

  • Solar Pool: Passive, Level Nine, Novice, Rank Eight; is similar to Rachel Lunar Pool. The difference is that it has two Link Abilities attached to it and is much larger than Rachel. It also seems to recharge much slower because of its larger capacity.
    • Life Link: Passive Link Skill; attaches to Maria’s Solar Pool and makes it, so her body is actually more energy than physical, leading to the second Link Skill.
    • Sunlit Body: Passive Link Skill; is basically a form of immortality (Scarlet and Fiona called it super broken). Maria has all the appearances of being corporal, but if cut, then she will heal, almost instantly, using her energy. It functions as follows:
      • If she has energy, then she can regenerate.
      • If she is in sunlight, then she cannot completely die and will return unless blocked from sunlight while regenerating.
      • There’s also a caveat that if her horn is active and damaged then it will disrupt this ability for five minutes, making it void, and causing her to bleed (shockingly it’s brighter than Rachel blood, and she insists that it tastes like raspberries… Scarlet utterly refused to try it because it smells rotten).
      • If any part of her is cut, such as her hair to her ire, then it will regrow unless her horn is broken.  She tried cutting her hair after Scarlet broke her horn, and it didn’t grow back until the five minutes (Fiona said she looked pretty salty (internet term for angry or resentful) after finding that out.
      • Apparently it hurts a lot if broken; she even cried a little, but quickly regained her tough girl attitude.
  • Ambassador of Truth: Passive, Level Five, Novice, Rank Ten; is the skill that makes it so Maria cannot lie. If she chooses to respond, then it will always be the truth. It’s even more iron-clad than Lunar Pride. She cannot tell half-truths or try to deceive the person. It has two functions:
    • She cannot deceive a person.
    • She can detect lies. However, this seems to be limited; she cannot detect Rachel manipulating people by speaking the truth. She cannot detect that Rachel is manipulating them for their own gain. Rachel suspect that this could mean that her inability to deceive is not foolproof as well, but she seems to believe it is.
  • Benevolent Heart: Passive, Level Four, Novice, Rank Max; is similar to Lunar Pride in how it changes Maria’s mental state, but from what Rachel heard about Maria, she was pretty benevolent toward her gang members and block. This passive makes Maria more compassionate and feel like she should help. Maria just called it human decency and brushed it off. How it makes her feel isn’t as powerful as Lunar Pride, but it does seem to play a role in her decision making.
    • Thankful Hearts: Stock Proficiency Skill; mitigates Maria’s healing by one percent, stacking up to a maximum of ten people, for every person that’s thankful for Maria being present. Meaning, this could mitigate up to ten percent of every one of her healing abilities used.
      • Up to a maximum of 10% cost reduction.
      • Reduces cost to the energy spent after other energy reduction skills, meaning if a skill costs 20 energy, her reduction reduces the cost by half, so it’s 10, then it will now make it cost 9 (if it was 60% and not 50%, followed by 10% then it would cost her 8, but since it doesn't stack it would give her 9 instead).
  • Radiant Purity: Passive, Level Five, Rookie, Rank One; it doesn’t seem to give anything but a weak calming effect currently. This is the white glow that surrounds Maria.
    • Sun Touched: Passive Proficiency Skill: is a light golden hue that Maria appears to have recently obtained. It adds a purifying affix to her aura that can clean the impurities from people’s bodies, such as bacteria and viruses. Fiona made a joke that if you have a cold, then cuddle with Maria for a few hours and be cured, and she’s not wrong.
  • Beacon of Light: Reactive, Level Nine, Rookie, Rank One; is Maria’s horn that appears whenever she uses her abilities. It has a few functions and weaknesses but is activated every time she uses her abilities. It makes sense why it would be the highest leveled and graded ability she has. What we currently know is: 
    • It is active whenever she uses her skills; the only exception seems to be Diagnosis in its passive form.
    • If the horn is disrupted or broken, then she’ll be locked out of her abilities for five minutes; her horn is fairly durable (it took Scarlet throwing her crescent blood blade at it to break while also cutting through the brick into the janitor closet next door… she got a little carried away).
    • She can only heal people that are bathed in the light; if the light from the horn is blocked, then she cannot heal a person.

Sun Touched Branch

  • Diagnosis: Reactive/Active, Level Seven, Rookie, Rank Zero; is a skill that allows Maria to identify different types of illnesses in the people around her. She can only detect things that she can cure; it could kill her, but if she could cure or fix it with her current skill level, then it will be identified. It has a few functions that are worth noting:
    • Reactive: deals with immediately life-threatening issues around Maria that will instantly make her aware of the situation.
    • Active: deals with any form of problem that she can cure; she can turn this skill off and on (she says that it’s annoying knowing everyone’s problems).
    • Doctor Maria: is Fiona’s name for it; Maria seems to gain knowledge about the illnesses that are affecting the people around her. She can only give you a rough memory recount of what a specific issue and its name are once she’s no longer in range of the person, but while diagnosing someone’s problems, she knows the medical description and the underlying cause.
  • Lesser Heal: Active Charging Spell, Level Five, Novice, Rank Eight; is Maria’s staple healing spell that fixes bruising and small cuts. It won’t do massive gashes. It does work on internal cuts thankfully.
    • Heal: Active Chain Charging Skill Lv. 2, Level Three, Novice, Rank Six; was used to heal the women trapped in ice. It takes a lot out of Maria to use the stronger version, but she seemed to be using it much of the day, which raised its rank.
  • Lesser Purify: Active Charging Skill, Level Five, Novice, Rank Five; seems to function in a minor way that can purify toxins in the body. Maria said that she cured someone’s hangover with this ability.
    • Purify: Active Chain Charging Skill Lv. 2, Level Five, Novice, Rank Two; is the ability that Maria likely used to cure Scarlet’s Blood Corruption because Lesser Purify doesn’t seem strong enough. It requires a lot more of Maria’s Solar Energy to use.
      • Purifying seems to work on illnesses, poisons, corruption, and just about anything harmful to a person’s body.
  • Solar Resilience: Active Charging Skill, Level Five, Novice, Rank Seven; is the skill that protected everyone from Scarlet’s Fear Aura. It doesn’t seem to place a shield of protection around them as much as it raises their resistances against such status effects. So, it’s not a hundred percent blocking agent but helps fight against adverse status effects.

Miracles of the Immaculate Branch: seems to be centered on more miraculous feats compared to the Sun Touched Branch. These spells take a lot more Solar Energy than the previous, but Maria says she was able to cure a birth defect in a person that changed their lives; Rachel thinks that being in the sunlight changed Maria a bit… she’s still blunt, but she almost seems nicer.

  • Solar Mitigation: Reactive, Level Two, Novice, Rank Two; is linked to the Miracles of the Immaculate Branch, and any skill that is within it has its cost reduced by ten percent when Maria is in direct sunlight. It’s not a ton, but it is something.
  • Lesser Cure Defect: Active Channeling Skill, Level Three, Novice, Rank Four; repairs the damaged DNA in someone’s body; it seems to be limited with the Lesser version, but functions surprisingly well from what Maria explained. She used it to heal two autoimmune diseases.
  • Restore Minor Appendage: Active Channeling Skill, Level Three, Novice, Rank Three; she’s used this skill to restore Coral’s ear, toes, and fingers that had been cut off. She used it to heal a few agents and office workers’ lost appendages too. It requires a lot of energy, but it appears that being in the sun helps mitigate some of the cost.
  • Lighthouse: Achievement Skill, Single Use, No Energy Cost; Active Channeling Skill, Level Forty, Novice, Rank Zero; the highest level skill seen, and gained through the Achievement Light in the Darkness. Too bad it’s a single-use skill; Rachel suppose it functions like Relica’s Mind Flay ability, and that makes it appear like all Achievement based spells are a one-time use. This spell has several functions once activated that are pretty miraculous.
    • 1st it will begin at Maria’s horn and shoot a bright ray of light into the sky that will form into a miniature sun.
    • 2nd only those seeking help, that are desperately seeking shelter, and support will be able to see this light.
    • 3rd it will provide mental and physical fortitude to all those willing to accept Maria’s aid, and provide comfort within a ten-mile radius, and touched by the glow.
    • 4th it will gently pull those who keep their eyes upon the globe toward Maria.
    • 5th once its time limit of thirty minutes runs out, it will explode in a burst of light that will heal all those seeking aid within a ten-mile radius with an equivalent to Maria’s Heal spell and dispel any harmful Status Effects that can be countered by the Purify Skill.
    • Note that it does take thirty seconds to activate and if halted, then the spell will be void, and Maria won’t be able to cast it again.

Liberation of the Light Branch: seems to be Maria’s movement or escape type skills; she doesn’t particularly like this branch, saying she didn’t run from things, but liked the idea of being able to teleport into banks...

  • Solar Traveler: Active, Level One, Novice, Rank Zero; is Maria’s teleportation like skill that allows her to transport anything touched by Beacon of Light to a new location that she’s been before. It’s a pretty impressive skill:
    • She closes her eyes and can see an area that she wishes to teleport to, but this is in her memory, not what it looks like now. Apparently, she cannot teleport to a location if another object already occupies the place she wishes to transport her target.
    • She cannot teleport someone to a location if she knows it will harm them, such as a volcano, but she could teleport someone toward a cliff with a volcano over the edge.
    • Trying to teleport outside of the sunlight requires double the Solar Energy, and in moonlight triple the Solar Energy. No wonder she didn’t want to use it and complied with Scarlet’s teleportation skills.
  • Light Feet: Active, Level Five, Novice, Rank Four; fortifies Maria’s body with her energy to run at an accelerated pace. She was able to keep up with Rachel after gaining some momentum, but her stop game needs some work.

Total Skill Points Used: 86

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Moonlight — Her healing takes a hit under direct moonlight. It adds a higher cost to her abilities by fifteen percent.

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  • Felix Espinar

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  • Marcus
  • Daran

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