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Rhea has lived in a tiny village of Master-tier Trainers on the west side of Pallet Bay; she's turned seventeen this year, which means she can start her Bronze-tier Pokémon journey, and she's been selected to receive the Oak Starter Award.

However, this year's United Inigo Conference marks the first in an International Bronze League, and Kanto has been selected to pilot this multiregional initiative with a few new features.

If this is successful, then the international effort might become a staple for the following Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Master Leagues across all regions.

Every region's Master-tier Trainers selected three candidates to receive the Oak Starter Award, combining to equal 24 participants, thrust into the limelight.  The Masters said to keep an eye on these Bronze-tier Trainers this League; they'll need to rise to the expectations placed on them.

On the plus side, Rhea's mother has a different plan than picking the Professors' collected Starters.

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