Rachel Sung Park is the main protagonist of The Oscillation. She was changed into a Mythickin Lunar Hare during The Oscillation Event, and is now trying to learn how to handle this new change.


Before The Oscillation:Edit

Rachel was very fit, showing tight muscles. Her hands were calloused from constant workouts and practicing martial arts. She had smooth skin, shoulder-length black hair, and brown eyes.

After The Oscillation:Edit

Rachel naturally radiates a soft white glow when she's filled with Lunar Energy. She has thick, butt-length pink-hued white hair that naturally returns to the same shape, forming around her back protectively.

Her irises enlarged and turned light red with faint pink petals surrounding her deep red pupil that has a bright white halo framing it. She has two long, furry bunny ears and a puffy white rabbit tail that matches her hair color.  


Before The Oscillation:Edit

Rachel was very serious about her studies but not for education purposes; she's constantly trying to gain reputation with her parents, seeking to gain their favor. She's internally frustrated, releasing her anger through martial arts. She's intelligent but bound by her family culture.

She's dedicated, doing her math homework before going to release stress at the gym and hold strict priorities. She's disciplined, works out and eats healthy.

When she meets her new roommate Cloe, she's pleasant but puts on a persona that everything's okay, hiding her frustrations with being kicked out. It seems that she hates being made to look like a fool and tries to present a cool collected outward appearance.

After The Oscillation:Edit

After The Oscillation, Rachel seems to be slowly changing. She's thought about her shifts in personality in a calculated manner, detaching herself from the scary implications as her new Lunar Hare nature combats her human socially constructed experiences.

Rachel is shown to be competent at talking with new people, she's not shy about engaging in conversation. When she comes out of her dorm room, she connects with Zoe and quickly takes charge.

Zoe told her that she was very composed, which Rachel then showed a little bit of emotion in regards to how her family would react to her change; it seems that this is a major emotional trigger for her or that she places a high priority on her image in regards to her family. This is further illustrated after the call with her father. She also seems to be very self-conscious about losing her muscular physique.

She has changed greatly in other ways, especially after absorbing moonlight. Rachel no longer has any issue with killing but has some odd fascination with some kind of ethical code that she is not fully aware of yet. She has no problems forgiving people, such as with Carter, giving him a chance to back off; however, she's also not against fighting. In fact, she seems to receive a thrill when fighting now.

Rachel seems to have also developed a manipulative side, as shown with Richard and Julia. When she feels like her decisions could be blocked or hampered, she doesn't feel bad about manipulating those around her. She's normally displaying an atmosphere of cool neutral beauty while her mind works behind the mask; she has many emotions, but can hide them well.

This thrill could also be connected with her sharp competitive nature. She's grown to see Scarlet as a rival, someone she wants to compete. Before, this position was for her parents' approval as she competed with her brother, but now something more seems to be at play. This isn't a competition for her parents' approval, but something different. The ease that Scarlet seems to handle situations sparked something inside of her. She's suddenly had this spur to initiate stressful situations, driving toward conflict, and almost seems to be using her parents' approval now as an excuse to enter the fight.

Rachel naturally takes charge, identifying issues that need to be resolved, and develops plans to accomplish them. She's not shy about presenting a plan, but also humble enough to listen to those she's found respect for as she didn't even give the SEAL's a chance to voice their opinion.

There are many things changing with our girl, and she's just beginning to discover who she is now that she's become a Lunar Hare.


Rachel's parents were a part of an arranged marriage, but they're happy. She's the third-generation of Korean immigrants that moved to the United States. Their family brought with them Korean traditions that have devolved a little through the generations.

Before The Oscillation Rachel was a very serious and dedicated girl. Growing up in a semi-traditional Korean household, she was raised in an environment where achievement brought love and failure disappointment. She has been in constant competition with her older brother, Nam, to receive her parents' approval and takes that competition very seriously, sacrificing friends to focus on academics, the thing her parents value.

The stress of home life seems to have taken its effects on Rachel in eighth grade because she took up Muay Thai as a means to release stress. Since then she's continued to train in Muay Thai and grew to enjoy it.

At some point, her brother married Alexa as a part of a consensual arranged marriage that benefitted the family business and immediately there were problems. Alexa continued grate against Rachel's nerves. Alexa has commented that Rachel was violent since she practiced martial arts, her only stress release. Alexa seems to have made a point of reminding her that she was a vegan and she was terrible for eating meat and felt insecure about Rachel being taller than her, so she made a point of nagging her about it. It eventually got to the point where her parents essentially kicked Rachel out of the house because of the fights, and Rachel was forced to live at her school.

Chronology Edit

The Change Edit

At the start of the serial Rachel is pretty pissed; she obviously dislikes Alexa, but gets some satisfaction from the knowledge that her parents don't like her either. She meets Cloe, her roommate before doing her math homework and going out to the Muay Thai gym. She finishes up her workout and gets something to eat before heading back to her dorm, still fuming about Alexa. She finds Cloe on her bed and they talk for a moment before The Oscillation starts and she turns into a Lunar Hare; Cloe tells her she's changing from a Human to a Lunar Hare instantaneously, in connection to The Oscillation.

The Oscillation

Cloe turns on a news station and they listen to the chaos that is happening outside. They get an IPAW message from the government, warning people and giving instructions. The moment Cloe learns that this might be infectious with the CDC involved, she runs out of the dorm and away from Rachel.

Rachel listens to all the chaos around her and eventually decides to go to the CDC and meets a cat-girl outside. They talk and then run to the CDC together, but are stopped by soldiers in Hazmat Suits; both freeze as guns are pointed at them and they are escorted to the CDC Infected intake point. Along the way they see a man on fire that set the dorm ablaze and firefighters moving to put it out.

In line they hear a tone of different theories on what's happened and Rachel listens in on scientists, learning interesting information. Rachel freaks out a little about what her parents might think of her and Zoe comforts her. They get inside and are taken to an empty classroom with mats, blankets, and pillows. They rest inside as more people that are supposedly infected come in; Zoe and Rachel beginning to bond. It then turns to Rachel's turn to comfort Zoe as she begins to freak out and she tells Rachel.

Zoe falls asleep against her as Rachel listens in on events happening miles around the University and the chaos abounding.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Stats:[1] Edit

  • Force; She’s been shown to rip into steel like putty while under the moonlight of a 3/4th’s lunar phase and even has the power to rip apart a tank; although, it takes some effort and leverage. However, when outside of the stat enhancing effects of the moon, she’s shown that it takes effort to damage steel, and when in direct sunlight, she’s no stronger than a really fit man, but with a lot less stamina.
    • Power: High
    • Strength: Below Average
  • Defense
    • Toughness: Above Average
    • Resilience: Below Average
  • Dexterity
    • Speed: Very High
      • Her movements are described as a blur while under a 3/4th’s lunar phase and leaves sharp whirlwinds in her wake from the drag she generates. Even indoors she’s shown to leave gusts, but of much less ferocity than when under moonlight. It can be speculated that in sunlight, she’ll be as quick as a really fit man, but she won’t have the stamina to keep up over an extended distance.
        • Rachel has also stated that she knows she can move faster under moonlight than she already is, but she doesn’t have the proper footwear to accelerate properly.
    • Agility: Very High
    • Quickness: Very High
  • Energy
    • Constitution: High
    • Stamina: Average
    • Endurance: Below Average
  • Tenacity
    • Elemental Resistances: Above Average, excluding Solar Resistance that is Below Average
    • Physical Resistances: Above Average
    • Control Resistances: Average
    • Penetration: Average

Type Abilities: Edit

  • True Sight: Passive, Level Two, Novice, Rank Three; is the ability that allows Mythickin to see past illusion abilities. She was able to see past one of the kid’s illusions without even noticing a spell being used.

Base Lunar Tree Skills: Edit

  • Base Hearing: Cluster Set; Level Eight, Rookie Grade, Rank Four
    • Filter: Passive, Level Three, Novice, Rank Five; lets her filter between sounds.
    • Volume: Passive, Level Five, Rookie Grade, Rank Zero; allows her to alter the levels of conversations and her immediate surroundings.
      • Ear To The Ground: Passive Proficiency Skill; lets her hear minute sounds in her environment, such as muscle movement, the motion of their lungs, which foot people put the most weight on as they come within a certain distance, but only works within three hundred feet and fades the further the sound is within that radius.
    • Range: Passive; Level Five, Novice, Rank Nine; increases the distance she can monitor sound. She can hear as far as several miles away with louder sounds, such as gunfire, but her hearing to normal tone of voice is stated to be two and a half miles.
  • Base Vision: Cluster Set; Level Six, Rookie, Rank One
    • Focus Sight: Passive; Level Four, Novice, Rank Eight; makes her entire field of vision come into focus.  This allows her to run fast while seeing where she must run.
    • Motion Tracking: Passive; Level Two, Novice, Rank Three; helps her predict to a small degree where the kinetic motion of objects will move.
  • Base Smell: Passive, Level Two, Novice, Rank Nine; she can certainly smell a lot more unique things, but she might have to delve into it more if she’s going to be a bloodhound.

Lunar Racials: Edit

  • Lunar Pool: Passive, Level Eight, Rookie, Rank Two; is a racial energy source that is affected by her Endurance Stat. It apparently makes her glow faint white with how full it is. It fills up in moonlight and decreases in sunlight. The amount of moonlight she absorbs stays constant if she stays out of sight from the moon and sun; it does not drain over time.
    • She also has an extra burst of strength when in moonlight (like 125% strength) and a weakening effect while in sunlight (like -25% strength). This boost or negative strength is instantly reduced or increased when she exits sunlight or moonlight.
  • Lunar Cap: Reactive, Level One, Novice, Rank One; gives her an extra ten percent boost to her stats when her Lunar Pool is full.
  • Lunar Hair: Passive, Level Five, Novice, Rank Ten; Rachel supposes even Rank Ten must reach its maxed point before going to the next Grade. This deals with her defense and protects her back. Even with medical scissors and her own explosive strength she is unable to cut it. It also seems to always return to the same shape of fanning around her back. Its not known what kind of Proficiency Skill would be gained from this, if any?
  • Lunar Empowerment: Reactive, Level Five, Rookie, Rank One; multiplies her Stats with Lunar Energy. It does not recover her Stamina, only increasing the Pool Size.
    • As a consequence, it reduces her stats in sunlight.
  • Lunar Deadening: Reactive Proficiency Skill; masks physical pain under moonlight.
  • Lunar Pride: Passive, One, Novice, Rank Ten; this racial affects her emotions more than her actual thoughts. It is powerful enough to break past Emotional Detachment. She’s not clear on the exact moral code it functions, but from the questions asked, this is what She’s been able to discover so far:
    • Friends: She’s supposed to treat her friends with respect, which doesn’t mean she can’t tease or make fun of them, but that she’s not to betray or harm them. This could involve her in manipulating them, even if it’s to help them in a situation. She’s not supposed to dishonor them.
    • Enemies: If an enemy shows her respect, then she should show them the proper amount in reciprocal, but if they do not show her respect first, then she has no obligation to show them any. Conner telling her his Race was a show of honor, and she needed to return that.
    • Challenges: She appear to be driven toward conflict and enjoy odds to overcome, but that seems to be limited to a certain degree. She did feel that drive fade when placed in an impossible situation, such as with Tom and the information he had. She lost everything, no matter what she did, and it was her own shortsighted behavior that landed her there; that in itself stung her. She was careless, which also put her friends in danger.
    • Winning: She’s pulled toward winning; when Daran and Marcus got away, she felt like she’d lost that battle, but she was determined to win the war.
    • Hiding: There’s something about being a Lunar Hare that makes her not want to hide from her enemies. She can sneak around to get around hindrances, such as avoiding the military. However, she didn’t want to run around Terrell’s men to get to him but run right through the center. She even chose to be the decoy, choosing to be on the frontline. She didn’t want to hide, but stand under the moon and face her foes head-on.
  • Lunar Burst: Active, Level One, Novice, Rank Zero; is a Skill that utilizes her Lunar Energy into a Lunar Elemental and Physical blow that can be multiplied based on the energy used. However, it does not stack with her Power Attribute, meaning it would be her normal punch, with another blow of Lunar Elemental damage that is separate from the initial strike. Basically, getting hit by a weak and strong punch at the same time or two different people punching something. The elemental damage might have worked on Conner if she’d have known about the ability.
    • Lunar Damage is multiplied by Lunar Energy used.
    • Physical Damage does not get any multiplier from the energy but would be empowered by Lunar Empowerment if she is in moonlight.

Cerridwen Branch: Probably some other deity that is connected to something with the moon.

  • Mental Acceleration: Active, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Two; is the skill that allows her to think at a much quicker rate than is normal. Without this skill in conjunction with her expanded sight, her accelerated speed would be almost useless; she’d be running into everything. It’s linked to her Constitution Pool, though.
    • Risk Assessment: Reactive, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Two; helps her handle direct threats during stressful situations, but she doesn’t know how effective it is at countering Lunar Pride.
      • Emotional Detachment: Active Proficiency Skill; helps with separating from her emotions, but as she’d recently experienced, it’s not perfect. Perhaps she can gain a stronger version if she keeps upgrading Risk Assessment.
  • Strategic Mind: Reactive Chain Skill Lv. 2, Level Three, Novice, Rank One; helps her move toward the desired goal, keeping her mind working to resolve the problems in her path to achieving that objective. It might even work in conjunction with Lunar Pride; it could have been functioning with her goal to get back at Daran and Marcus. Everything she did was centered on killing them.

Wenet’s Branch

  • Wenet’s Minor Protection: Active, Level Four, Novice, Rank Two; is a coat made of moonlight that protects her, absorbing 30% of incoming damage. However, it also requires a large amount of her Lunar Energy; while in the light of a 3/4th lunar phase, it seems it’s completely sustainable.

Chang’e Branch

  • Lunar Step: Active, Level Three, Novice, Rank One; while in moonlight she can use this skill to create two small transparent disk-like shapes that she can use as steps to launch from and can even tilt with her desired trajectory; however, the second step must be done within three seconds of the first, and it has a forty-five second cooldown. It is incredibly sturdy, and she can use her full force with it.

Total Skill Points Used: 78

Weaknesses Edit

Sunlight — Sunlight strips Rachel of her Lunar Energy and once completely depleted will decrease all of her stats by a certain percentile, making her as weak as a very strong human. This negative effect is only active while in sunlight.

Endurance — Rachel has extremely low endurance, but high Stamina, meaning she has a lot of energy potential, but it is used extremely fast.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Sam Park (Gwon Park; Father)
  • Molly (Chan-hee Park; Mother)
  • Nam (Brother)
  • Alexa (Sibling-in-law)
  • Soo-geun (Cousin)

Friends Edit

  • Zoe

Enemies Edit

  • Carter
  • Relica

Trivia Edit

  • She obtained a white hare tail from The Oscillation. This doesn’t seem to provide any purpose, but can provide her discomfort if constricted or smashed.
  • Rachel suspects that Lunar Hare are Lunar Elemental type based as most of her attacks deal Lunar and Physical damage.

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References Edit

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